Afternoon Walk

new south wales

As I previously lived in a small town in a Kent County called Canterbury, I wasn’t really get used to walk much before I arrived in Sydney. Canterbury is indeed a very compact city compared to Sydney and walking seems do able from city area to uphill campus.

Therefore, wen I first step my foot in Sydney, was surprised by the distance between one suburb to another is actually quite far away. Though after few years living down under, I can surely say that it is actually a great way to get around as we can see many different aspects and a closer look of Sydney.  (And on top of that, we are having a better healthy life) 😁

  • These pictures below was taken during my walk from museum station to macquarie street, intercontinntal in the afternoon.

Lunch break is over, lets get back to business

Nb; road closure at george st

Ready set go: museum station


Excuse me • No smoking allowed near public transportation 🤦🏼‍♀️

new south wales


– It is not just because I hate the smoke of cigarettes , it is about valuing and respecting others a little bit more than usual.. (and of course the state law too.) *$300 fine applies when caught smoking near public transport station by officers, better luck, next time too mate.