Watson Bay II

new south wales

Living in this world of love, my heart resides. Oh~ how i wish i’ll live life like this forever, being happy genuinely. Or i’d rather live in a shadow of happiness.


Watson Bay  I

new south wales


On a foggy sunday morning, I sat on the edge of the rocky rock looking through the blue wavy sea, and waiting for the sun to rise, in the middle of nowhere. Im not feeling blue though, I’m just waiting for the sun to shine.🌤 – Vkwan

Vaucluse, Diamond Bay Reserve

new south wales

I personally like to spend a day out chilling at watson bay area, though, my partner said he wanted to visit other suburb / other park nearby. Thus, I did some research and found some info and pics of diamond bay reserve. Legit. It’s so beautiful! So we pack our backpack and decided to check it out the next day. 

🌤 Sunday, June 25th, 18’c / perfect weather 🌤

Lucky the sun was out, and it’s not so windy. We stop by at room10 cafe for a quick brunch and a cup of soy flat white.

Then, we head out straight to diamond bay reserve! We took the train to bondi junction and catched 386 (or 387 bus, either one works..) 

Direction from Bondi Junction Station. bondi junction stand C for 386 bus, stop at vaucluse, New South Hd rd opp Old South Hd Rd. Walk down through the end of young street, passed by the cemetery.



 Happy sunday! X